Quarterbacks Affect The Position Of Teams In The NFL Power Rankings

Walter Football has been looking at the 2019 Draft class as a way of gauging the future position of teams in next year’s NFL Power Rankings. The role of Walter Football is to look at every aspect of the NFL and College game in a bid to provide the most up to date information on the state of teams in both of the leading versions of the game of football.

One of the areas affecting the state of any individual team in the NFL and College game the most is the leadership shown by its current quarterback. The “Holy Grail” for teams in the NFL is to find a franchise standard quarterback capable of leading a team to the Playoffs and even further to the Super Bowl. As every draft class moves forward, teams begin to explore the pros and cons of individual players who could push a team forward. One of the top quarterback prospects expected to enter the draft in 2019 is Missouri’s Drew Lock, a player who broke SEC records for the most touchdown passes in a single season with 44.


As the 2018 season moves forward, teams from across the NFL send scouts to each college team to assess potential draft picks for their suitability for the National Football League. The process of preparing for the 2019 Draft has already begun with teams already passing judgment on Lock and his suitability for the dog-eat-dog world of professional football. After the first in a series of scheduled meetings between scouts and teams comes to a close, the stock of Lock seems to be falling as questions are asked about his personality and leadership skills. A franchise quarterback can make all the difference in a team rising up or falling down the NFL Power Rankings in the coming season.


One the face of things, Drew Lock would seem to be a shoe-in as one of the first quarterbacks selected from the board come the 2019 Draft. The pros of Lock would appear to be the strength of his arm which seasoned scouts say is as strong as those seen in recent years. As a quarterback, Lock has been described as being able to make every throw needed to become a leading signal-caller in the NFL with an amazing command of the football. In the latest era of hybrid quarterbacks, Lock has the size and athleticism to make plays with his feet as well as his arm to make him a powerful threat.

All these benefits are enough to make most General Managers and Head Coaches salivate with anticipation over the arrival of Lock in the NFL. However, others are less sure of the suitability of the Missouri quarterback to make the leap to the big time, particularly because of his lack of a commanding personality. Some teams have been comparing Lock to Eli Manning because of the strength of his arm and his slightly awkward personality. The position of Drew Lock in the 2019 Draft will depend on the NFL Power Rankings at the end of the season with the quarterback likely to be selected by a team not wanting a commanding presence to lead the locker room.

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